Pleasant Surprises

I’m grateful for: hot water plumbing! Thank you to: George for giving me a free peach when he saw I was hungry and tired. Something loving: I’ve misplaced the video I saw on… Continue reading

Free Air

I’m grateful for: Qwik Trip convenience stores: fruit, nuts, non-dairy creamer and free air, all available 24 hours! Thank you to: John for his help in relocating. Something loving: the immigrant rights attorney,… Continue reading

Pleasure in Work

I’m grateful for: work today. Thank you to: Curtis for chatting me up on our carpool. Something loving: “In doing something, do it with love or never do it at all.” -Gandhi

Celebrate Thanksgiving

I’m grateful for: James. Thank you to: James. Something loving: James.


I’m grateful for: the shiny new glass that replaced the boarded up window in my apartment. Thank you to: some genius at Heinz who not only designed the ketchup bottle to work with… Continue reading

Send a Tender Blue Boy

I’m grateful for: hearing “Little Girl Blue” today.  I’d never heard it before! Thank you to: UCSF’s team who are helping rehabilitate a hero of mine, Thich Nhat Hanh, from his stroke. Something loving:… Continue reading

As You Were

I’m grateful for: hot weather –> shirtless hunks. Thank you to: Wanmo for sharing her tough experience putting her mom in assisted living. Something loving: seeing things thus, as they are, rather than… Continue reading

Wet Summer

I’m grateful for: raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens. Thank you to: friends who keep in touch despite distance. Something loving: A friend said she cared about me very much.


I’m grateful for: The vines growing outside my window. Thank you to: Julia for being increasingly honest. Something loving: My first observation of KC cops, unlike SF cops, is that they do not… Continue reading

Waning Winter

I’m grateful for: the sun shining today. Thank you to: the deer that fed eagles. Something loving: two snowmen I saw were holding hands.