Love, Actually?

1. A specific compassionate loving thing I birthed into the world today: I have a friend who’s also a networking contact, so I rode a bus for an hour to see her to try to show her it’s the friendship I value more.

2. A specific loving thing someone gave to me today: She bent over backwards to make sure I got home in a timely fashion when the bus system and admittedly my own planning weren’t the greatest.

3. A not-so-loving thing someone gave to me today: A co-worker likes to complain, but when she asked me a question I started to answer the question. She interrupted me with complaining, obviously not interested in an answer.

4. A compassionately loving thing I did in response to the not-so-loving thing today: I restarted the sentence answering her question before she had interrupted, and I think she got the point. I was being somewhat more aggressive than I usually am, and I’ll be more direct if it happens again, but I think I signaled and she received that there are some professional boundaries of time that are respectful at work.