Loving Boundaries Yield Results

1. A specific compassionate loving thing I birthed into the world today: Instead of writing them off, I wrote a polite, reigned-in e-mail to an organization in which I was disappointed because they’d been uncommunicative about a job they promised to get back to me on, and in return there’s a slim possibility I may be considered for different work than for what I interviewed.

2. A specific loving thing someone gave to me today: My partner gave me a sexy wake-up present.

3. A not-so-loving thing someone gave to me today: A friend begged for my time when I told him after twenty minutes that I had to go.

4. A compassionately loving thing I did in response to the not-so-loving thing today: I talked with him ten more minutes, then reiterated that I had to go and left him with what I hope were supportive words.