Love Observes without Judging

1. A specific compassionate loving thing I birthed into the world today: I walked to public transit with a co-worker who always takes the opportunity to complain. Today I walked and simply listened to the words, without judging those words. It was a nicer experience for me when I didn’t place expectations on it.

2. A specific loving thing someone gave to me today: My partner and I went to a party that was too full, and we left fairly promptly. He said that he was glad we’d come anyway, so that I didn’t feel like I’d dragged him out of the house.

3. A not-so-loving thing someone gave to me today: My boss came at me with multiple verbal edit requests within the span of five minutes, simply as he thought of them as he watched my video.

4. A compassionately loving thing I did in response to the not-so-loving thing today: I asked him if he had more than two edit requests to please e-mail them to me, and he agreed.