Friends are Family We Choose

1. A specific compassionate loving thing I birthed into the world today: I submitted an idea at work that I hope’ll grow the business, even though based on past company experience it’s likely the idea will both morph into something I’ll want to disown and end up being a lot of work for me.

2. A specific loving thing someone gave to me today: A friend asked how I was, and sincerely listened and engaged when I went into detail about it.

3. A not-so-loving thing someone gave to me today: A relative who’s rarely in town wants to get together but is being uncommunicative while she’s here.

4. A compassionately loving thing I did in response to the not-so-loving thing today: I met her halfway – I’m not going to drop everything and then resent her for it, but I’ll keep a fairly open schedule. She is family.