Radical Love for Haters

1. A specific compassionate loving thing I birthed into the world today: A co-worker reacted somewhat defensively yesterday at my questions into a process, so today I provided more information about why I needed more detail so that he didn’t feel he did something wrong.

2. A specific loving thing someone gave to me today: My boyfriend sat down with me with a good attitude to make a somewhat more structured housework agreement.

3. A not-so-loving thing someone gave to me today: I passed a (mentally ill?) neonazi on the street screaming about white supremacy. Someone near me muttered, “Guy’s gonna get himself shot,” and I thought, “I hope so, I wouldn’t lift a finger to stop it.”

4. A compassionately loving thing I did in response to the not-so-loving thing today: I remembered a news photo I clipped in high school to represent radical love: a black girl throwing her own body over a neonazi who was being beaten by counter-protesters. She reminds me that all people, regardless of their opinions, deserve life. It’s the Would-I-Save-Hitler dilemma, if someone had a gun to his head. As much as I doubt I would have the courage or the inclination to do so in real life, I hope I could practice radical love. That’s not to say I don’t think haters should be immediately removed from their ability to create atrocities, if they’ve created atrocities.