“You Give Me Such Joy”

1. I’m grateful for: a gaggle of red gumdrop-helmeted tourists on red scooters beeping and waving to a class of preschoolers on a walk. Unbeknownst to the tourists, the preschoolers’ aides use motorcycle and scooter parking to help the kids learn counting (19! 20! 21! How many motorcycles? Good!), which has resulted in a bunch of wannabe tiny riders. The little tykes were absolutely thrilled to see their dream come alive!

2. Thank you to: the game developer community that’s so welcoming to my boyfriend. There’s a genuine atmosphere of collaboration rather than competition without sacrificing innovation.

3. Something loving: This morning my boyfriend said, “You give me such joy.” The only other person to say that to me in my entire life was my father, who died when I was 13 and left me with Everyone Else. I am 33 years old.