Silly Feline Death Star Murders


I’m grateful for: Tides. Growing up in a landlocked state, I didn’t realize how important they are to the scheme of planetary workings and human biology. In college I once talked to a professor who wanted to blow up the moon in order to rid the Earth of the evil of tides. Even at that time my friend and I thought that was – perhaps – a bad idea and asked him if instead building a benign Death Star might help to prove his point and be a good test run. If things went awry we could destroy the Death Star instead. Turns out actually unlocked tides are somewhat uncommon and quite a galaxy commodity.

Thank you to: a friend for sharing this perfect storm of data. Housecats present less than a fourth of their kills?

Something loving: my boyfriend tells silly jokes and doesn’t care if I’m into it. Not as in he’s oblivious that I’m not into it; there are some things we share and some things we don’t. As in, I’ve had S.O.s who would make sure I knew that meant I was in some outgroup, that I wasn’t smart because I must not get it, I hadn’t reached some Zen of Silliness and various other ways of trying to protect their egos. I try to repay the favor to him by being honest but at the same time giving him wide latitude.