Cool Kitty

I’m grateful for: Complementary colors! How cool is that? Thank you to: Myself for being able to lift the fridge off my kitty when he got stuck. Something loving: A friend reminded me… Continue reading

Conditioned Mind

I’m grateful for: a new job. Thank you to: the person who told me I could do whatever I put my mind to. Something loving: my old job taught me I am capable… Continue reading


I’m grateful for: friends who complement my weaknesses. Thank you to: my sister for turning to me at a vulnerable time. Something loving: “Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving… Continue reading

What Is

I’m grateful for: wildflowers! Thank you to: social service folks who’ve been open with me about their experiences at various workplaces. Something loving: my friend realized that needing me to be happy was about… Continue reading

Grueling Sailing

I’m grateful for: rest after a grueling week. Thank you to: a new friend for being open. Something loving: I was in a horrid mood, and my friend talked to me about nothing,… Continue reading

Bats in Da House!

I’m grateful for: bats. What nifty creatures. What other animal can inspire a whole literary genre! Thank you to: Jennifer for introducing me to folks in my new town. Something loving: I came at… Continue reading

Broke-Ass Friends

I’m grateful for: Broke-Ass Stuart. Is there something like a National Broke-Ass in writing (not his IFC show)? Thank you to: friends who’ve made job recommendations. Something loving: New friends!  


I’m grateful for: After years of living in San Francisco, I haven’t felt 90-degree humidity in a long time. It’s kinda fun. Thank you to: Spats the cat…for being a spaz…in style. Something loving:… Continue reading

Drifting Closer

I’m grateful for: cottonwood drifting over railroad bridges. Thank you to: Neal for lending me a kayak. Something loving: 25 Signs You’re Succeeding at Life Even if It Doesn’t Feel Like It

For Better or For Worse

I’m grateful for: my family, for better or for worse. Thank you to: James for calling on what was a miserable day. Something loving: my own resilience. I can do it; I’ve done… Continue reading