Openly Regenerate

I’m grateful for: Regeneration. I burned myself the other day, and now skin is pink and new! I’m always fascinated by sci fi that includes instant regeneration as superpower because I think it’s… Continue reading

It’s Not Me, It’s You

I’m grateful for: Watsonville, CA. Thank you to: the Melissas! Something loving: hip, hip hurrah for nondualism!

Ballad Royale

I’m grateful for: Kansas City! What an awesome town! Everyone has treated me like a peach. Thank you to: my family and friends for all their generosity that basically paid for a Memorial Day vacation for… Continue reading

Moulting Skeletors

I’m grateful for: a cool new word I learned–instar! Thank you to: Julia for paying gas to Kansas City. Something loving: Skeletor is Love.

Purring Machine

I’m grateful for: Purring. Who woulda thunk it? Thank you to: The invisible person who processes my Medicaid bill. Something loving: Those of my co-workers who are focused on the mission rather than… Continue reading

Color Me Drizzly

I’m grateful for: Phototransduction. Color is cool. Thank you to: Construction workers. Buildings shelter me from this drizzly, cold spring. Something loving: The woman across from me in the café who’s patiently listening to her… Continue reading

Dandy Bike Friends

I’m grateful for: dandelions are awesome. Thank you to: Jim for giving me a bicycle. Something loving: I liked this article. We often use harsher language with ourselves than we would if we were… Continue reading

Booya, Dads!

I’m grateful for: 78 degrees! Booya! Thank you to: Tide for continuing to feature dads in laundry commercials. Something loving: On the street outside my window a grandpa is stumbling to the park… Continue reading

Hawai’i Loves Michigan

I’m grateful for: caffeine. It helps those of us with depression, despite its other evil properties. Thank you to: Michigan Dept. of Public Health’s webmaster for putting their excellent developmental disability resources online,… Continue reading


I’m grateful for: historic buildings. They are pretty. Thank you to: an old guy at a dive bar who was kind to me. Something loving: When working for pay, I try to at… Continue reading