Green Grass

I’m grateful for: spring green grass after a long winter. Thank you to: a guy at work for saying that it was “just part of life” to another man who said, “I ain’t letting… Continue reading

Choose Your Own Frustration

I’m grateful for: Asian food for us gluten-free seekers. Pick a country and pretty much can’t go wrong. Thank you to: co-workers for sharing their experiences of frustration regarding a resident who has recently… Continue reading


I’m grateful for: clean air. Thank you to: Becky for not blaming me when something bad happened. Something loving: “We waste time looking for the perfect lover, instead of creating the perfect love.”… Continue reading

Volunteer Fur Fighters

I’m grateful for: fur! Thank you to: retirees who volunteer. Something loving: acceptance.

Visit Your County Park

I’m grateful for: a gorgeous prairie/riverbed park I found called Twin Ponds. Thank you to: county conservation boards for working to preserve beautiful spaces. Something loving: my mother called to bring me some… Continue reading

For the Birds

I’m grateful for: pretty snow today. Thank you to: a friend for clarifying that her cancellations aren’t because she hasn’t wanted to see me, but because she’s been struggling through health problems she didn’t… Continue reading

Love in Springtime

I’m grateful for: 50 degrees! Spring is here!! Thank you to: organized businesspeople who don’t say, “Oh, so crazy busy!” to excuse being out of touch. Something loving: an otherwise middling TV show… Continue reading

Ego Action Portal

I’m grateful for: plain old shower stall, after anointment in water droplets, becomes magical shower portal! Thank you to: all the people I’ve met who put the good of others before their own… Continue reading

Good Grief

I’m grateful for: a glorious hot water heater. Thank you to: a co-worker who doesn’t contribute to bitch sessions. Something loving: I have a talent for helping people grieve.  


I’m grateful for: a car. Whee! Thank you to: people who share their wifi freely. Something loving: being single now is my opportunity to express love toward myself and enjoy being my own… Continue reading