I’m grateful for: a car. Whee! Thank you to: people who share their wifi freely. Something loving: being single now is my opportunity to express love toward myself and enjoy being my own… Continue reading

Move & Create

I’m grateful for: four seasons. Thank you to: everyone who helped me move. Something loving: I used to think about sex as somewhere where everything that annoyed me about a person was on… Continue reading


I’m grateful for: three beautiful days off work. Thank you to: open-source coders. Something loving: A bad day for something loving. Please post some love you’ve experienced in the comments.

Love Me! Love Me!

I’m grateful for: my health! Mostly everything’s working just fine. Thank you to: two people who snapped at me yesterday apologized today. Something loving: I felt exhausted this morning, but I couldn’t figure… Continue reading

Time for Delight

I’m grateful for: a delightful trip to San Francisco. Thank you to: my SF friends who made time to see me during my visit. Something loving: really impressed by this organization I read… Continue reading

Thursday’s Child Has Far To Go

I’m grateful for: Thursdays. Thursday has always been my favorite day of the week. Thank you to: A friend who told me, “I like having you around.” “Pbbtth,” I groaned, “everyone says that to me”… Continue reading

Today Was a Lonely Painting

I’m grateful for: the panorama I’m looking at now. All blues and greens complemented by yellows and oranges. Like a painting. Thank you to: my bro for buying me a huge lunch. Something… Continue reading

Coffee is Healthcare on the Road

I’m grateful for: driving to work in the morning with no other cars anywhere in sight. Just me on the open American road [cue music]. Thank you to: the public health worker who… Continue reading


I’m grateful for: indoor plumbing. Amazing stuff. Thank you to: David for making time for me. Something loving: I was counseled once that if I wanted to “give back” to others, to give… Continue reading


I’m grateful for: living in an interesting place. Thank you to: a friend for telling me I was acting obnoxious. I guess isolation has made me a little desperate lately. Something loving: I… Continue reading